Monday, January 16, 2017

Francis Kurkdjian Absolue Pour Le Soir

I think this smells terrific and have worn it many times over the years, but I must say that whenever I do there follow a mysterious number of comments from those around me about unclean ambient odors. They never refer directly to my fragrance, so it could, I suppose, be paranoia. Still, it's unnerving. Once I slept on a friend's couch and the next day received weird texts (not mentioning me or my fragrance) about a bad smell in the living room. Another time my friend commented that "the girl next to him at the movie smelled really bad." I've gotten forthright compliments, like "you smell like ice cream" and "you smell like incense." To me, it smells like incense, wood, roses, and honey, with the suggestion of urine only at the beginning. 
Why do any of us even bother wearing fragrance? No one anymore gets the message you think you're sending; they just panic at any smell that is not recognizably Bath and Body Works or Iso E Super. You're drifting off in a sensory fantasy world with a piece of art you probably spent a lot of money on and some reptile-brained operative of the New World Order will soil it forever with a comment you'll never forget. My advice to budding perfumistas is to go into this hobby with the assumption that the entire world would prefer you wear nothing at all, and not to expect any sort of positive feedback from anyone. What a state of affairs.

Promise me anything but give me Angel

Angel is simply the best. I have tried in my near-decade of perfume hobbyism basically everything worth trying, and I truly only care about this. Eight years since my first bottle, I still actually get *excited* to spray it on multiple times every day, and its self-contained advertising universe of blue glaciers, snow queens, and infinite space keeps me hooked as though I'm reading a novel. There's no need to worry about reformulations or vintages, just buy a new one. It's still as great as ever, and each bottle I've had smells slightly different but totally itself. I get compliments on it every day from both men and women and my boss encourages me to wear it, for those who buy into the ubiquitous online negativity about it. How anyone with a soul could not be moved by this blue elixir is beyond me. It is the best perfume ever, and it is also heady intellectual art.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bask In Your Toxic Masculinity

Here are just a few of the reasons I enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump:
-He is correct about immigration. Contrary to leftist received wisdom, it is not at all outlandish to wish that immigration laws be enforced at a time when there is a worldwide crisis of terrorism committed by Islamists.
-I'm a homosexual and do not wish to aid the spread of a totalitarian religion which legally imprisons and executes homosexuals. Promoting Islam is now the number one item on the leftist agenda, merely because it is anti-American and trendy. Read Jean Raspail's Camp of the Saints. Read Oriana Fallaci. You're not being told the truth about Islamic immigration. Europeans have had to deal with these realities in a way Americans have not, so Pollyannaish Millennials think a country overrun with clit-cutting religious fanatics sounds romantic.
-The ascendance of the dynastically elected criminal wife of a serial adulterer is not a victory for women. Thinking of women as a homogenous single-minded Borg sect of the Democrat Party as liberals command is insulting to women. I don't even want to hear the word "women" used in this categorical fashion anymore. I'm sick of it.
-Throughout this decade, left-wing extremism has been the problem. The pendulum must swing right and there must be a balance. The excesses of cultural Marxism, academic feminism, and political correctness must be kept in check. The Left openly supports censorship, opposes free speech, and mocks people who value the First Amendment.
-There is a profoundly anti-white, anti-male message running through all of American media and culture, particularly this decade. If you do not recognize that the messages being transmitted to you are absurd, unnecessary demands of white shame and demonization of lower-class whites, you have not received the red pill. All races are told to celebrate their cultures except whites, who are depicted as villains and mocked relentlessly. Read Jim Goad's Redneck Manifesto. The mania of white guilt induced by liberalism must stop.
-Trump has disrupted the static, corrupt two-party political system and media establishment, which is just a wing of the Clinton campaign. I like seeing the underdog win.
-Trump has made the Republican Party pro-gay.

Santos smells like Tony Iommi's bush circa 1983. For the distinguished gentleman.

What I want to know is how did literally everyone have time to buy a pair of Birkenstocks in the last month? Like when everyone suddenly appeared with a man bun in the span of a week, or when Jerri Blank reclaimed her virginity and suddenly had that long Lolita wiglet and headband.

In the future, the hysterical, embarrassing, superstitious, Crucible-esque leftist reactions to Trump and his supporters will be recognized for what they are. The Satanic Panic of the 80s is a popular ironic interest for liberal hipsters, the received wisdom being "Look how silly and superstitious they all were then ha ha! We are so much more advanced now!" I just saw Trump referred to as the "poster-child of abusing people." What does that even mean? One day you will see this nonsense for what it is, if you have any interest in developing your intellect or getting to deeper truths about history, politics, or human nature. How can any reasonable person not understand the colossal countercultural appeal of Trump? How can you not want to defeat Republicans, Democrats, and the corrupt media with an insolent 80s soap opera character? Don't you want him to succeed just to stop the high feminine shrieking of all of the Nurse Ratcheds who attempt to dictate what you think?

Perhaps the largest issue for me throughout this election is how Democrats and Democrat-run companies continually attempt to make public disagreement with their policies into prohibited or illegal speech via the superstitious, pseudo-religious concept of "hate speech." Imagine if criticism of Christianity were legally prohibited as liberals try to do with Islam--the Left would freak.

"Modern men must thus stand athwart history and yell SHUT UP! at women. Women are supposed to be miraculous because they can give birth? Female hamsters can do that, but it wasn’t hamsters that invented the internal combustion engine.
Therefore, rather than trying to purge natural masculinity from their bloodstream through a debilitating and humiliating process of ideological chemotherapy, I encourage all men to bask in their toxic masculinity as if it were the cure for all that ails them, because that’s exactly what it is. We must toil no longer under a legal system that allows women to use their vaginas as giant lobster claws, crushing our hopes, dreams, and bank accounts. Let radical feminists faint to the stink of toxic masculinity as it wafts from the armpits of real men across this big blue marble we call Planet Earth." - Jim Goad 

The Death of the Hipster

"When I was recently asked by a writer from Hustler about the one thing I like about modern American culture, I said it’s the fact that Donald Trump stands a chance of becoming the next president.
A Trump victory would be a deathblow to the media and political establishment. That’s a good thing. A Trump victory would also lead to massive collective depression and rampant suicidal ideation in all the people that I genuinely hate. It would undermine their very sense of reality and shatter their self-image beyond repair. That’s an even better thing." - Jim Goad


Synchronicity: I finished Women in Love and moved on to Lawrence's widely scorned right-wing "leadership" novels on November 8th. Women in Love itself concludes with Gudrun falling for Loerke, a brutal homosexual artist who beats his underage models and makes fascist horse sculptures of green copper. I can't wait to see what un-PC delights The Plumed Serpent holds, as the entire introduction to this edition is a Victorian-sounding apology written in 2009.

To celebrate Trump's victory I have been wearing Giorgio for Men, a fragrance from a bygone era when men were men, women were women, and soap operas were soap operas. "Mmm, you smell like roses," my mom said as we expressed our excitement about the future. Giorgio is aspirational, gaudy, glamorous, yet a luxury affordable to the working man. Trump will usher in a new, better 1980s, where the shackles of leftist hipsterism will be cast off once and for all and men and women will freely exude beautiful perfumes as they move about in Dynasty-Dallas-Knots Landing tableau, SJW Puritanism rarely thought of, only acknowledged as a tiresome trend from the turn of the century. President Trump means the death of the hipster and leftist puritan guilt. Put on an 80s perfume. See how terrific you feel.

“The world has always benefited whenever it has managed to release itself from the captivity of currently dominant ideological trends. In my view, this is what has happened just now in the United States." - Viktor Orban

"We diagnose them as racists in the way Dark Age clerics confused medical problems with demonic possession. Journalists, at our worst, see ourselves as a priestly caste. We believe we not only have access to the indisputable facts, but also a greater truth, a system of beliefs divined from an advanced understanding of justice." - Will Rahn

"The Democratic party once represented the working class. But over the last three decades the party has been taken over by Washington-based fundraisers, bundlers, analysts, and pollsters who have focused instead on raising campaign money from corporate and Wall Street executives and getting votes from upper middle-class households in “swing” suburbs." -Robert Reich

"But people want change and they’re sick of the establishment — so you get this great popular surge… This idea that Trump represents such a threat to western civilisation — it’s often predicted about presidents and nothing ever happens — yet if Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media. It would be an incredible release of energy… at a moment of international tension and crisis."
-Camille Paglia


"I've read everything James Baldwin's written. He has a true sense of the problems of black people."
"I worked Head Start for free last summer. Black Kids are so much groovier."
"I went to a couple of Black Panther meetings. The time for non-violent revolution is past. More power to the people!"
"I'm taking a course in African Studies at school. I had no idea you people were so civilized!"
"Do you know that property values actually go up when a black family moves in?"
"Freud didn't write for the black man."
"Why does a great actor like James Earl Jones always have to play black men?"

Describe yourself in three fictional characters. Jean des Esseintes, Rupert Birkin, Yuri Andreievich Zhivago

Describe yourself in five fictional characters.
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I highly recommend [The Camp of the Saints] which forms a prophetic dystopian trilogy with 1984 and Brave New World. There is a thrill of the forbidden in reading it along with discomfort at its ring of obvious, undeniable truth. It may have been speculative fiction in 1973, but it's not anymore.

Blair Witch

"Blair Witch" is a faceless remake disguised as a faceless sequel, intended for teenagers to see in multiplexes with giant, pre-assigned recliner seats. Like most current horror films, it imparts a gentle Glade Plug-In odor of mainstream leftist politics while it "scares" the audience with loud, startling noises and CGI kabuki faces from "The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen." In this case, the political message comes in the form of a gratuitously included lower-class white couple who rudely invite themselves into the Blair Witch woods along with the more symmetrically diverse and civilized (two whites, two blacks) main characters. The lower-class whites have a Confederate flag on their wall and are symbolic representatives of the "dark Internet"--the boy's screename is "DarkNet666"--that wilderness of Reddit and "creepy MRAs" that leftists fret about and say is in need of HR department regulation and censorship. The lower-class whites act as a sort of red herring when it is revealed that they are trying to spook the city folks by making Blair Witch stick people and putting them around the campsite. The real Blair Witch, which appears in CGI flashes as something similar to the human-alien hybrid from "Alien: Resurrection," is still actually terrorizing everyone, though. DarkNet666 becomes the Blair Witch's henchman at the end, indicating that people into "weird," antisocial things will likely go over to the dark side.


"Any All-Lives-Matterers should unfriend me now!" Black-Lives-Mattered the hormone-mutilated awarebot who didn't believe in gender. "Anyone who does not immediately understand that looting Best Buy is the solution to inequality, just unfriend me! You are a nazi white supremacist Trump pig!" Ze injected some lab-made woman hormones into zir deflated scrotum. Someone commented something mildly contradictory below the status. "BYYYE!" ze heroically commented in drag queen meme speak and unfriended the dissenter. Some fellow BLM-ers quickly liked the "BYYYE!" comment. It was settled. Black lives mattered. Zir hair was pink. Ze had recently re-pinkened it.